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Before any towns existed within Kings County, a handful of pioneers called it home. The Landmark tree, a huge sycamore located on Lacey Boulevard near Avenue 18-3/4, stood as a beacon to guide early settlers over the otherwise barren valley floor. Cattlemen and gold miners initially settled along the Kings river; and farmers, storekeepers and oilmen later followed. In 1877, the tracks of the Southern Pacific Railroad brought additional growth and new arrivals from around the world. In 1893, local voters approved the formation of a new county when a portion of Northern Tulare county was divided to form Kings County. Today, Kings County combines its relation with it's colorful past history with a optimistic and enthusiastic vision for it's future.

Kings County is home to major food processors, including Del Monte Foods, Leprino Foods, Marquez Brothers and OLAM Spices & Vegetable Ingredients. Naval Air Station Lemoore, home to the Navy’s newest strike fighter, the F-35C Lightning II, is located in Kings County. Recent arrivals include Faraday Future, the start-up ultra-luxury supercar manufacturer, and World Surf League / Kelly Slater Wave Co.’s Surf Ranch. Kings County is flanked by State Route 99 and Interstate 5, providing excellent logistical connections to California, the West Coast and the Pacific  Rim.  Providing rail service to Kings County businesses are the BNSF Railway and San Joaquin Valley Railroad.  Amtrak currently provides rail service to Kings County, and California’s High Speed Rail will serve the county in the future.

Kings County: The Hub of Commerce and Global Connectivity in California's San Joaquin Valley

Kings County

Kings County

Conveniently located between California's major cities

Los Angeles

Los Angeles

195 miles from Kings County

San Diego

San Diego

310 miles from Kings County



200 miles from Kings County

San Francisco

San Francisco

215 miles from Kings County

Nestled within California's bustling San Joaquin Valley, Kings County serves as a pivotal regional center for commerce and industry. Our strategic location is seamlessly linked to an extensive product distribution network, ensuring the smooth flow of various commodities, including agricultural products, to destinations both across the United States and around the globe.

Driving Distance To Major Markets

 Sacramento      200 Miles
 San Francisco 215 Miles
 Los Angeles 195 Miles
 San Diego 310 Miles
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City of Hanford

Hanford is a commercial and cultural center in the south-central San Joaquin Valley and the county seat of Kings County, California. Incorporated in 1891, Hanford has steadily flourished into a community of more than 59,000 citizens. Hanford is proud of its small-town charm and rich history and offers its residents a high quality of living along with larger-city amenities. The majority of the manufacturers in the City of Hanford are located in the Kings Industrial Park. This 1,000-acre development is fully serviced with all infrastructure and utilities in place, with lots ranging from 3 acres to 92 acres.

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City of Lemoore

Lemoore, incorporated July 11, 1900, was named for Dr. Lee Moore, a pioneer who took the first steps to organize the community with their first post office. Lemoore is equidistant from both the Los Angeles and San Francisco metropolitan areas. Positioned at the crossroads of Highway 198 and 41, the city has direct access to Interstate 5 and Highway 99, which are both approximately 25 miles away. The Lemoore Industrial Park is located at the crossroads of Highways 41 and 198 with easy access to both. The Park consists of approximately 400 acres of improved and unimproved land. Parcels from 1 to 195 acres are available. The 240-acre Kings River Business & Industry Park is located west of Highway 41 adjacent to the San Joaquin Valley Railroad.

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City of Corcoran

Corcoran’s early history can be traced back to the railroad, serving as a junction for the San Francisco and San Joaquin Valley railroads at the turn of the century. Named after General Corcoran, a San Joaquin Valley pioneer who operated a steamboat between Stockton and Tulare Lake, Corcoran was incorporated August 14, 1914. Located on California Highway 43, 178 miles north of Los Angeles, 230 miles south of San Francisco and Sacramento, Corcoran is the second largest city in Kings County.

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City of Avenal

Avenal, incorporated September 18, 1979, is located 180 miles north of Los Angeles, 200 miles south of both San Francisco and Sacramento, and 58 miles south of Fresno. Avenal is the smallest and most remote of Kings County’s incorporated cities. Unique to Avenal is the state prison, which houses 4,321 inmates in a prison that was designed for 2,920 prisoners.  Department of Finance data for Avenal lists 2017 population as 13,053, which includes state prisoners.

Naval Air Station Lemoore seal

Located seven miles west of Lemoore is Naval Air Station Lemoore, home to the Navy’s West Coast carrier-based strike fighter squadrons. With a military and

civilian workforce exceeding 9,000, NAS Lemoore attracts many highly qualified and dedicated spouses and retirees to the region. The installation provides

an economic boost of over $1 billion to the regional economy. NAS Lemoore is the home of the Navy’s newest frontline aircraft, the F-35C Joint Strike Fighter,

which began arriving in early 2017.