Kings EDC was created in 1960, principally as a vehicle for holding industrial properties for sale to new industry. The economic development program for Kings County was reorganized in 1985, with the EDC assuming lead responsibility for business retention and attraction. In 1991, the EDC, then known as Crown Development Corporation, changed its name to Crown Economic Development Corporation (Crown EDC) to improve the visibility as the lead economic development agency for Kings County. Crown EDC was again reorganized in June 1998 and joined forces with Kings County’s Job Training Office and Workforce Investment Board (WIB) to effectively create the resources and manpower needed to market Kings County. In 1999 the organization changed its name to the current Kings County Economic Development Corporation (Kings EDC)

For over 60 years we have promoted Kings County economic growth building relationships throughout the Central Valley, the nation and abroad. We are still committed with our dedicated staff, board of directors, and valuable investors to attract, retain and expand business in Kings County and make it the best place to invest and live in.

Our Vision

We are building a better and stronger economy to make Kings County a prime location for industry to invest in and families to live in.

Our Mission

To promote economic development opportunities in Kings County that will attract, expand, and retain business while enhancing the quality of life.